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So this blog practically died, it’s really hard to find new facts, so I have an idea… what if I turn this blog into a confession blog? So I can keep it alive and we can even discuss the manga and stuff. Or should I just leave this blog as it is. What do you think?

Anonymous: what do you think is the one piece treasure

I don’t know… treasure I guess. I imagine it as a lot of gold. Like in the Hobbit, the place where Smaug is, where it’s full of gold, I imagine it like that. Just Nami’s paradise hahah

chitraawihananto: Hello just want to tell you that i love you shishi , but who's your favorite member ? R u shipper too ?

I love you too :D and favorite member… I don’t know it’s really hard. Maybe Brook, Chopper, Robin, Luffy, Sanji and Zoro. In no particular order hahaha. 

Anonymous: i know what is the 4 emperors, baroque works and such..but what is supernova?

The supernova are the 11 pirate rookies that were at the Sabaody Archepelago to get to the New World. Also their bounties had to be from 100,000,000 berries or higher. Zoro, Luffy, Law, Bonney, Kidd, X-Drake… they are part of the group. 

Anonymous: Honey, are all out of facts or you're on hiatus?? Please,post anything!

I’m on hiatus school haves me so busy I can barely breathe. I have to make some time to search for facts 




i’m laughing so hard because sanji would be one of those guys that takes pictures shirtless while holding a piece of paper saying “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE <3” and then post them on tumblr

and one day zoro would probably find out and laugh his ass off saying “oh my god you are the biggest virgin i’ve ever met”


kind of like this?


pandaman-is-behind-you: I love your facts and your soul.

Thank you so much :’D You have no idea how much this makes my day <3

One Piece references in other series, Pt 3

Midori no Hibi

Eyeshield 21

One Piece references in other series, Pt 2

Rurouni Kenshin:

Lucky Star: